Season 3: Fall 2016

September 8, 2016

Sam Kronick, Newtworks + New Towns

Sam Kronick is an artist and technologist based in Oakland, CA. He studied architecture at MIT and has a MFA in Visual Arts from UC San Diego. He works with software and space to build physical world interactions.

Paul Wagenblast, The Dalles: Let's Manifest Destiny!

Paul Wagenblast is a Graphic Designer living in Oakland by way of Oregon, London, New York City and Sebastopol. As a 4th generation Oregonian (The Dallesian, even) place plays an integral part in his personal narrative and family mythology. It's been a part of his story since before he was born and, as demonstrated by this talk, continues to tinge his legacy.

October 13, 2016

Mia Crary, What Are You So Afraid Of? An Exploration of Place-based Fear in American Cities

Mia Crary is a reader, historian, teacher, docent, and climber originally from Bethesda, Maryland. She is putting the final touches on her PhD dissertation: an architectural and social history of Progressive-Era women's clubs in California. She is afraid of the woods at night. She is not afraid of public speaking.

Leora Fridman, Glacier National Park: A Dominatrix of Nature and Gender

Leora Fridman is an artist, organizer and educator who works at the intersections of creative work and community care. Cutting across material, spiritual and creative practices, Leora’s work seeks to examine and legitimize all tools for making in order to expose the abundance of resources available to individual makers and to communities -- and to point at the creativity and agency available in all contexts.

November 10, 2016

Ellie Lobovits, When the Border Crosses You, and Other Stories of the Dried Up Rio Grande

Ellie Lobovits studies Visual Anthropology at San Francisco State University. Her research and visual production focus on borderlands, bodies, and feminist theory. She is currently at work on her film Birth on the Border, a visual exploration of Mexican women's narratives of childbirth, border crossing, and U.S. border policy in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. She sees her work as one part art, one part social activism, one part cultural theory, and a million parts hybrid. Ellie is also a photographer, farmer, and childbirth doula.

Avery Trufelman, The Sound and the Sublime: The Constructed Audio Landscape of California

Avery Trufelman Avery Trufelman is a producer for 99% Invisible, a podcast about architecture and design. She has produced dozens of audio stories about places and objects, and she can be heard narrating the new SFMoMa architecture audio tour.

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