PLACE TALKS is a platform for performative research, and a dynamic framework for location-oriented inquiry. PLACE TALKS supports the Bay Area creative community by creating a context for exchange that encourages interdisciplinary practices and forges connections through the commonality of place.

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LECTURES — PLACE TALKS is a series of visual lectures that occurs at the Prelinger Library in San Francisco. Bay Area artists, writers, designers, architects, archivists, librarians (and other curious people) share talks on location-related topics, illustrated by content from the Prelinger Library's rich collection.

PROJECTS — PLACE TALKS presents collaborative projects by Nicole Lavelle and Charlie Macquarie. Projects range in form, including publications, events, installations, and public gestures. Projects interact broadly with alternative research methods, environment, speculation, collective histories...

ARCHIVE — View the archive of the first three seasons of PLACE TALKS lectures.

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PLACE TALKS is funded by the Prelinger Library's residency frameworks, and by donations from the audience. Thanks for your support! The 2016 Spring and Fall seasons of PLACE TALKS were generously funded by an Alternative Exposure grant from Southern Exposure, by the Prelinger Library's Artist-in-Residence Program, and by donations from the audience.